Crimes against nature

Sometimes I wake up in the morning and it's the middle of June. Then I put on a sweater and a warm cap, followed by thinking out loud, "What the hell. It's June."

I hope global warming drop kicks mother nature in the chest today.


Kelly Jo said...

Uhhh I'm kind of concerned about it now. It was in decent condition when i left it...
Maybe we're not thinking of the same bike? I hope not. Are there still 20 on the back patio? If there aren't as many there, my friend may have taken it somewhere when he moved home for summer.
My friend is Colin, and he doesn't watch baseball, so I don't think he was the one who dumped on your couch. But if it was, I am prepared to defend him to the grave. I hope our e-friendship is still intact. I know all those kids though. They throw a mean dance party.
For your information, I succumbed to the new value menu at Taco Bell weeks ago. Bye bye organic produce. Hello 89¢ Cheesy Double Beef Burrito.

Shauna said...

a friend sent me here. youre funny and i appreciate this blog post and i am also filled with sympathy towards you as i enjoy 90 degree weather, the real weather of june, here in vegass.

Kelly Jo said...

Oh. Well sorry my shit is such an eyesore? There are usually tons of bikes back there, so I didn't think mine would be in the way. Now that i know where it is I'll just have my sister come get it. Hope it didn't cramp your style too much. I have a soft place in my heart for things that are a little rusty and down on their luck. I rescued that little hunk of junk and enjoyed many a midnight ride on it. Worked for me. Didn't cramp my style at all- and I'm a pretty stylin kid. But yeah my sister said she'd just cruise by over the next two or three days and get it.

Petey said...

Maybe it will. But if it does, and the polar ice caps all melt we'll be sorry. It'll be like a real live version of Waterworld.

And we all remember how good that movie was.