White picket fence with graffiti resistant paint included

For the modestly exorbitant amount of just over $800,000, you can be the proud owner of this tidy little fixer. Located in a beautifully ghetto neighborhood where friendly Mexican gangs abound, and drug deals are as common place as the ice-cream man rolling through, this place is a steal. Probably at least 1,000 sq ft.


Welcome to San Francisco.


Joliene said...

No dude, welcome to San Francisco.


Yes, the cost of living is pretty disgusting, but hey, minimum wage is $10 an hour, all businesses are required to provide health insurance, it's one of the most diverse areas of the country (hello, you cannot get ethnic food like this in Utah, let alone such a wealth of it)...

Fog aside, I'll never have to shovel snow off my car, never have to purchase a wardrobe for more than one season, never need to drive anywhere, and every band I ever want to see will perform in the Bay Area.

I'm moving to the Sunset in August. I am STOKED. I am less than an hour away from San Jose, San Francisco, and Berkeley. Life is awesome.

Josie said...

come on, you're jealous, you know you want to, everyone's doing it. you could learn bad words in spanish. plus we'd be neighbors.

and yes, the movies are returned

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