Hello, Mr. W

Does anybody feel like this is a bit reminiscent of our current, bumbling head of state? Not much sleep? How much will you get as president? When you get the "3 am phone call," are you going to be bumbling and semi-functional the next day when you unconditionally meet with foreign enemies? What will you do without your teleprompter?

What the fuh is an inhilator? This guy is a joke.


brady & laura Hales said...
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brady & laura Hales said...

holy geez, this man is as eloquent as they come. But at least he's hip and cool.

h2oetry said...

So, now that he has had a camera on him for the last two years they finally found a slip up in his speech! Congratulations. Oh, the mighty orator slipped up, proving that he is - human.

And we don't have to begin to point out the differences between Obama and W.

Oh, and I don't know what an "inhilator" is, but I know what an inhalator is, and Obama used it correctly.