Sorry I suck.

Finals and whatnot.

Also sweating many bullets throughout the night due to living in a house probably built by Brigham Young's 67 children, which lacks any form of an effective cooling mechanism.

Also I threw away about 17 pounds of old frozen chicken that the previous (and future fall) owners decided to leave in the freezer. I put them in the trash can right outside our back door, which, I later realized, was a horrible mistake. It has been unseasonably hot(or possibly seasonably, not quite sure, ask Al Gore) the last few days. Thus, the old frozen chiggins quickly became a rotting, stinking curtain of filth that one had to pass through upon leaving or entering the house. I mean, it was seriously like wading through the rotting bowels of an elephant. My gag reflex was practically kicking me in the groin every time I had to pass through.

I am not entirely certain what that last bit had to do with my lack of posting the last few days, but surely something. I think the mephitic wave somehow permeated my brain upon passing through, and sent all my creative juices hurling past my gag reflex on their way down to reside in my useless appendix. Maybe that's what that thing is for; a place where one's creative juices escape to during a cognitive hiatus.

Anyways welcome summer.

Good news. Also bad news. I am going to San Francisco on Monday for a motorcycle trip. Good for me. For those of you who check this 17 times a day (I know there are at least one or two of you) this is bad news, as I shant have access to my computer, due to the utter lack of cargo space which exists on motorcycles. Or doesn't exist. Either way.

Good news again. After my return home from said motorcycle trip, I shall immediately be embarking on another, this time to New York. Double good news, as I shall be using my computer daily to do a small amount of work, and thus shall be able to document all of my sweaty New York endeavors.

I hope I get carried away by a rat.


karen said...

I think I'm the 17 times a day person. I'll miss you, but will look forward to being regaled by tales of SF and NYC. Have fun.

Joliene said...

sf, holla

Amber Jo Allen said...

I have a confession... You have no idea who I am but I stumbled upon your blog one day at work and I am one of those people you mentioned in this post. Ok not 17 times. Maybe 14. You are way too funny.

Cybil said...

Good for people to know.