How to shut a stranger up with awkwardness

Is that Stacy Burgerson?

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Now that that is out of the way, there is this guy in my house who has been ripping apart the bathtub/shower for the last three days. Today he came in wearing headphones, and I have spent the last two hours on my computer in my room, listening to him sing in a rather off-key manner. "Baby baby yeah, I'm the one. Yeahhhh I'm the one." I don't know what on earth he is listening to, but that was not what I was expecting. I'd have presumed butt-rock, or maybe classic, as he fits the profile--38-ish, crapy old truck, reeks of cigarettes and wears Wal-Mart pants. And plumbs.

Anyhow what at first began as entertaining, soon morphed into annoying. Two straight hours will do that. So as he was working on the stairs, I went down and took a shower in the other bathroom. When finished, I decided to awkwardly punish him by having to squeeze by uncomfortably close, wearing only a towel.

I guess it worked cuz he shut the hell up.


Snubbs the White Rabbit said...

Haha that video is amazing!

Elliott said...
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