A neat adventure

I totally got hit by a car today.

I was pedaling along 5th west on the sidewalk, which I guess was my first mistake. As I approached the hospital, there was a line of cars attempting to leave. One guy was pulled up past the side walk and almost into the road, attempting to turn right. There was another guy just a little bit on the sidewalk. He saw me coming, and backed up a smidge. As I passed in front of him, I gave him a small, wave of appreciation. In mid wave, another vehicle came careening into the parking lot from the road. We would be consequentially meeting in the middle.

Several things went through my head in that moment. Mostly, "oh shit."

I hit the breaks, which meant I pedaled in the reverse direction. It felt like slow motion as my back tire locked, and a loud piercing screech emanated from beneath me. I realized (somewhere between the shit and the screech) that I lacked adequate breaking power to avoid collision with the evil vehicle. Right about the time my tire/fender was directly in front of the vehicle, the collision occurred, sending me awkwardly spilling into the handlebars/driver's side car fender.

An expletive might have escaped my lips.

I look at the lady, who by this time had a rather horrified expression on her face. She rolled down the window and inquired as to my well being. I was OK. I asked her if she was OK. I looked at the car, and there seemed not to be any real damage done. Not being entirely sure who was at fault, I had a keen desire to make a quick escape. She seemed a bit confused as to what action to take, so I said, "Hey, if you're good, I'm good. Are you good?" To which she kind of nodded. At which point I said, "OK. Just move ahead then."

She did. I pedaled away.

Shortly after, I righted my slightly crooked fender, followed by a crotchial power cling with the front tire in order to straighten the handlebars.

In the end, no harm done. I am way more concerned with the fact that I have lost my two favorite lip balms this week. Now I am left with a lousy Burt's Bees honey stick. Which is seriously like wiping a crumbly bee hive all over my mouth. Except for less dusty, and fewer stings.


Lilia said...

drivers in provo.. seriously

Joliene said...

dude! utah drivers are INSANE. i was scared for my life driving there. especially since i was driving my grammie's car which had no turn signals.

also, i dunno about the burt's bees honey stick, but i bought some of their chapstick once that was pretty decent stuff. not at all like a beehive... it was minty? meh.

i have a new system for my chapstick: one at work, one in my school bag, one in my purse, one in my room, and one in my car. this keeps me from losing them. when i tried to move the chapstick with my person, it never worked out. many good chapsticks were lost.

Katie said...

She hit you and only rolled down the window? Didn't even get out of the car? The idea of not getting out to check on someone makes me really confused and is crinkling up my forehead right now. Unacceptable.

Kelly Jo said...

Burt's bees honey stick is the worst thing that has ever happened to my face. Have you tried the new skittles chapstick? It has changed my life. I may vote for it for president.
I hear you're living in Radiotron. This is random, but my friend lives there during the fall and winter, and I left my bike on the back patio when i moved home. I have no idea where it is now, and I was wondering if you have seen it? It is a rusty maroon color (really just the color of rust though. Cause it's rusted) and it looks kind of like it was pulled out of a dumpster (cause that's where i found it). My sister Tatia (you know her right?) wants to ride it but I have no idea where it is. No big deal- just wondering if you've seen it. Sorry I used so many parenthesis.

Joliene said...

also, chapstick-on-a-rope. pretty silly looking. but hard to lose.